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Mentors are... 

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Mentors are the lifeblood of the ministry. They are the “on the ground troops” discipling the students. As such, they must be people of absolute integrity committed to the cause of seeing the lost come to Christ and leading students to become honorable citizens in society.

Our Mentors are required to spend 2-4 hours, each week with their students; discipling no more than 6 students maximum. Some Mentors may choose to mentor 1 student and others have time to mentor multiple students. It is estimated that a Mentor will spend an additional hour each week, per student, in travel and reporting. Included in this reporting time will be a weekly meeting with a MentorMe of West Michigan Guide to receive encouragement, support, and prayer.  For their work, Mentors will be paid $22.50 per hour as compensation for their mentoring. Mentors will also receive a stipend of $10 per student, each week for auto and entertainment expenses used in conjunction with the ministry. An additional stipend of $100/month will be provided for health insurance to mentors discipling 4-5 students and an additional $200/month for those discipling 6 students.


Since it is a scriptural truth that we pour out of our hearts what we put into them, Mentors are required to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week in spiritual development.  This time should include personal and corporate devotional time, including being an active part of a church fellowship as well as attending at least 2 other weekly group meetings that focus on strengthening our walk with Christ.


To become a part of the Ministry, Mentors must pass a complete background check and drug test, as well as provide a minimum of 3 recommendation letters from individuals who are not relatives. At least two of the letters should be written by a pastor or teacher who has spent extensive time with the applicant. In addition, you will be required to complete a Sexual Awareness Certification (on-line) as well as Orientation Training within 90 days of employment. You will be compensated an additional $100 when all these requirements are completed.

Are you ready to use the time and talent God has entrusted to you to change the world?  If so, please click on the BECOME A MENTOR button below to start the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Guides are... 

Guides must be fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and live lives that are above reproach. They must have extensive experience in discipling youth as well as an ability to disciple adults. Guides will be responsible for discipling Mentors and reporting on their progress. This discipleship will involve weekly meetings with the Mentors in their care as well as monthly meetings with the students, and their families, being discipled by each Mentor under their care.  

Bible discussion group

Our Guides will be paid $40/week per Mentor they supervise and $25/month per Student.


We anticipate that a Guide will spend approximately 2 hours per week per Mentor under their supervision. This time will include weekly Mentor meetings, monthly meetings with the family of each Student under the care of each of their Mentors, and reporting weekly to the MentorMe Ministry Board. Any Guides supervising 5 or more Mentors and 20 or more Students shall receive a stipend of $200/mo. for health insurance. All Guides shall receive a stipend of $10 per Mentor, each week for expenses incurred in encouragement meetings with their Mentors. 

The same spiritual development requirements for Mentors apply to Guides as well. A Guide must also pass complete background and drug tests as well as provide 3 recommendation letters from non-related sources.

If you believe God is calling you to serve as a MentorMe Guide, please click on the BECOME A GUIDE button below. 
We can’t wait to hear from you!

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