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Welcome to the Student section of MentorMe. We're so glad you're here!

Diversity Students

Our mentors are Christian men and women who have devoted their lives to following Jesus Christ and who are committed to being a friend and guide to help you through life. In MentorMe's program, mentors and students spend 2 - 4 hours together each week in activities chosen and approved by the student, the student's parent/guardian, and the ministry team. These activities could include help with homework, support at athletic events, or just hanging out.


All mentors have been vetted through the most stringent, comprehensive background checks possible and are continually covered in prayer by the MentorMe of West Michigan ministry leaders. We ask that you also support the ministry in prayer, as there is NO COST for these services.

If you're interested in being matched with a mentor, please click on the STUDENT APPLICATION button below to begin the process.

student and guide

How our Mentors work with students:

Library Tutor

Regularly Scheduled
1:1 Time

MentorMe’s mentors work one-on-one for 2-4 hours a week with each student under their care. We will match you, the Student, with a vetted and trained Mentor based on geographic location and similar interests you share.

Teen study group

As Needed, When Needed

Many programs have very specific time requirements and limits. Not at MentorMe. You and your mentor will work together to determine the time frame that works best for everyone involved.

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