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Mentoring Journey: Scott Frank's Experience with MentorMe

Scott Frank has been mentoring Andrew for almost two years, and the transformation has been remarkable. Here's a glimpse into their journey together.

Initial Meeting and Early Challenges

When Scott first met Andrew, he was very reserved and didn't say much, making the start of their relationship awkward. Building trust and getting to know each other took time, which is often the hardest part of any mentoring relationship.

Activities and Relationship Building

At the beginning, Scott and Andrew engaged in various activities such as going for walks, working on cars, and driving as Andrew worked on getting his license. They spent time together with Scott's family and gradually started to get to know each other. Scott focused on showing Andrew that he cared, without putting too much emphasis on deeper conversations about faith initially.

Building Trust

Scott emphasized the importance of listening and confidentiality. He made it clear to Andrew that he was there to listen and support him without judgment. This approach helped Andrew open up about his struggles over time, building a foundation of trust and confidence.

Memorable Moments

One funny memory Scott shared was when they went hunting in a deer blind. It was the first time Scott let someone talk in his deer blind, and they ended up chatting more than hunting, making it a unique and memorable experience.

Impactful Activities and Growth

Their activities were mostly life-related, including trips to places like Craig’s Cruisers and attending football games. Scott also mentored another student. They did various activities together, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Scott helped Andrew discern right from wrong, planting seeds of wisdom and faith. One significant moment was when Scott asked Andrew if he had ever read the Bible and explained its importance. They had a meaningful conversation in a restaurant where Scott asked Andrew if Jesus was the Lord of his life. This led to Andrew accepting Jesus and praying with Scott right there in the restaurant, marking a turning point in his spiritual journey.

Ongoing Transformation

Since that moment, Scott has seen significant changes in Andrew. He has received peace and now apologizes when he does something wrong, showing a new level of conviction and understanding. Their relationship has grown stronger, with more openness and laughter.

Challenges and Encouragement

Scott has been encouraged by watching Andrew's growth, despite his own battles, including being diagnosed with stage four cancer. Through his trials, Scott has never lost faith and continues to trust in God's plan. His journey has given him new perspectives and strengthened his resolve to help others.

Mentoring Impact

Mentoring has taught Scott patience and the importance of listening. He has learned to seek God's guidance in providing the right answers and support for his Students. He listens for the Holy Spirit to tell him what he should say in situations. This experience has also positively influenced his interactions with his own family and others he meets.

Personal Background

Scott went to Jenison High School and owns Automotion; an auto repair service in Hudsonville. He has four children and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. He is dedicated to continuing his growth as an effective mentor and disciple.

Prayer Requests

Scott asks for prayers that God will stir up a fire and hunger in all those involved with MentorMe and in their relationship with Jesus. He also appreciates the guidance and support from Jim, who is Scott's Guide and has become a friend and prayer warrior.

Scott's journey with MentorMe highlights the profound impact of mentoring relationships and the importance of faith, trust, and perseverance. Join us in praying for continued growth and transformation for both Mentors and Students in the MentorMe Community.

Please join us in prayer for complete healing from cancer in the name of Jesus for Scott!

1 Peter 2:24 "He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed."

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