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Highlights from Christie Hudson

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

This week, I had the privilege to connect with Christie Hudson, one of our mentors here in West Michigan. Christie was our second mentor to be hired with MentorMe, and has been a

huge blessing! She shared several photos of the young ladies she mentors each week, and provided details regarding her experience over the past three months of her ministry in mentoring.

Christie (far right) pictured with one of her students

Christie is currently working full-time with Grand Rapids Public Schools. She also has a busy family of four adult children and two little grandsons, with another on the way! Despite her full-plate, it did not stop Christie from answering the call to mentor.

Christie currently mentors four girls, ranging from 4th to 11th grade, who attend various schools in Grand Rapids. She loves connecting with them each week and shared, "These girls have a lot to talk about. Sadly, they may not always have an adult available to listen to what they have to say." Christie continues to make herself available to her students, becoming THE constant in each of these young girls' lives; showing up every week and spending quality, one-on-one time with them. She often takes her students to their favorite restaurant spot, exchanging both humorous and serious conversation. Another afternoon, you may find Christie with her student visiting Frederick Meijer Gardens, listening to the dreams and desires of a young lady. Christie loves cheering for her student involved in school sports and yet another mentoring day you may find her at the local library helping her student with homework or playing a board game. Although the list of activities certainly vary, the quality time spent remains consistent and deeply meaningful.

Two of Christie's students at the mall

Recently, one of Christie's students unexpectedly moved out of state. She continues to maintain contact with her student through texting and hopeful FaceTime calls in the future. The student will be returning this summer and Christie hopes to continue developing their relationship in-person.

Another student shared that she was not a believer in Jesus. This student had lots of questions about faith, God, heaven and hell. During the months of being mentored, this student expressed a desire to receive additional counseling; and shared some of the darkness of life that she experienced daily. During her counseling time at Set Free Ministries, the student shared the discouragement and heaviness that she carried with her. Eventually, she was told about the free gift that Jesus offers to fill her life with; the light of hope that comes from knowing and following Jesus Christ. The student voiced her desire for Jesus to be that light and asked Him to be the Lord of her life! She continues to meet with Christie weekly, as she comes to understand what a new relationship with Jesus looks like. We celebrate this student and her mentor Christie, and commit to continue walking with her through her journey to grow in Jesus.

Christie sharing a meal with one of her students.

Christie embodies what being a mentor truly is; a trustworthy adult who consistently shows up in the lives of students. She is appreciative of the different perspectives and dynamics her students bring, and pours into each of them. She is a true hero for the Kingdom of God!

Getting involved in the life of just one student makes a difference! Christie has a

passion to see lives changed for the glory of God! We pray it is yours as well!

To learn more about becoming a mentor click here.

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