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Transforming Lives: MentorMe's Two-Year Journey of Blessings and Growth"

October 2023

MentorMe continues to GROW and we give God all the Praise for what He is doing!

We are approaching two years of mentoring students and have been blessed by our staff of 40! With 38 Mentors & Guides and 40 Students being mentored, God is Changing Destinies…one life at a time! Our mentors continue to have a huge impact on their students. Ultimately, we want to see our students lives impacted for Jesus!

The following are some individual highlights from a couple of our mentors and their students.

Luke Jager has been with MentorMe for over a year now. He began mentoring his student J in October of 2022. Small conversations and little interactions between Luke and J may not always seem like much, but seeds are being planted as he meets regularly with his student. Attending our Monday Night MentorMe Gathering and hearing the Alpha Teaching recently, touched upon questions relating to Biblical Creation and how the earth was spoke into existence. Luke’s student was fascinated with how all the stars travel at different speeds and asked him so many questions on their ride home. This gave Luke the opportunity to talk about God’s creation and perfect design, and spoke truth about the false teaching of the Big Bang theory. These questions and conversations continued when Luke took his student to John Ball Zoo. Students are fascinated by God’s Creation, and rather than simply admiring the animals and outdoors, our Mentors are intentional to point to our Creator God.

Luke also had the opportunity to take his student to a ministry in Holland, Michigan called Cornerstone Ministries. This ministry is led by Pastor Steve Turley and has been around for over 35 years. J’s grandmother recommended the idea of attending Cornerstone to Luke. Cornerstone is an afterschool program with a bible lesson; and J had attended prior to meeting Luke. It was a great connection for Luke to share MentorMe with Pastor Turley and the blessing of mentoring 1-on-1 with J. Cornerstone shared that they had been praying for someone to come into J’s life and were so glad to hear God answered their prayers.

Luke shares lots of laughs with his student and they have had great conversations together about J getting baptized. THIS is why MentorMe exists! It brings us great joy to see our Students mature mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Opportunities to partner with other ministries have been a huge blessing to MentorMe. Bethany Services, Wedgewood, Walking in Freedom with Paula Jauch, Dream Center, Cornerstone Ministries, Escape Ministries just to name a few.

Audrey DeHaan, a Mentor and Guide with MentorMe, began her journey back in October of 2022 as well. Audrey shared how it can sometimes be challenging to see any progress week by week. However, looking back the past year to when she first met her student is when she sees such huge growth—emotionally, mentally and spiritually—that is almost unrecognizable. We give God all the praise for what He is doing in her life. God is answering prayers!

During a recent MentorMe Gathering movie night, one of the Guides told Audrey’s student that she sees a glow and brightness in her face, and she seems so very happy. Audrey also talked about the challenges of our student’s losing ground [progress] when returning home to unhealthy environments. Knowing the most important thing we do with our students that will never leave them is sharing the Word of God with them—It Never Changes! Audrey never lets mentoring time go by without reading or pointing her student to scripture. The one, greatest thing that will change her life are the promises of God and her choosing a relationship with Jesus!

Currently, her student has not yet made a decision to walk in the ways of the Word but believes in God and confesses with her mouth that Jesus is Lord. However, she is not experiencing the fullness of joy and peace in her life—yet! Audrey is believing the Word of God will change that. Every gathering Audrey has with her student, she makes sure her student knows that She Loves Her and God Loves Her, unconditionally. When speaking the Word of God, Audrey knows it will Not Return Void; it will always produce fruit. Believing that for her student and each of our students!

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